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Touch the ground with your feet

Earthing or, by doing a quick translation, earthmoving, tells us the importance of connecting our body to the earth. The electrical circuit of our body needs to discharge and touch the ground. According to this tendency a good contact with the ground normalizes the biological rhythm of the body and this, apart from reducing stress, helps to charge the body with energy.

Energy is precisely what we need when we need to address the audience. We want to communicate with strength, desire and passion. This is only achieved if we have good energy. And control of that energy begins at our feet. Every time we do public communication we have to think on our feet. Before we start talking, we need to look at our feet. The feet will give us the energy we need to transmit.

We need to touch the ground with our feet, literally. That the entire sole of the foot is in contact with the ground, strongly. As if we wanted to cling to the earth's cortex. If we have good contact with the ground we can transmit with force, security. It makes our talk easier and we certainly convey it with more energy. As the talk progresses, we can begin to move them, to walk, always touching the ground well.

Before we start talking we think about our feet and make sure we have them firmly attached to the floor.

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