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Good leadership is good communication
Be convincing through voice and body. Communication in the classroom (and digital)

What we do

Want to improve your communication? We help you!

We offer individualized solutions to the needs of each person or entity. We adapt to your conditions and schedules in order to facilitate the process.


Specialized advice and training at all business levels.


We prepare teachers individually or collectively to achieve the goals.


Sessions and trainings dedicated to the improvement of the oral communication of the university students.


We do a personalized follow-up of the students in the improvement of their abilities and oral competences.

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Each Course
is Unique.
Like every Person.

About us

We work with
Production Equipment
for the best result.



We have professionals prepared for any type of act or event. Whether you are looking for a more serious tone or a more informal presentation. In addition, we also do acting dynamizations, to make your act unique and different.


Presenting an act implies being the image of the company or institution. We work on the image, the tone, the script and the prosody in order to adapt to each of the audiences that exist. 



Another of the services we offer at Blauter is the production of audiovisual content. In this field we work with professional audiovisual production teams that give us the best result in each project. 

In recent years we have worked for institutions such as Barcelona Activa, Grupo Planet, GAES, and the Diputació de Lleida, among others.



Since 2006 Blauter has been organizing and managing the theater classroom at the Universitat Abat Oliba CEU. From there they train future actors or students interested in the theatrical world and who will take advantage of their learning for their working life. 


Theatrical activities are organized, specific training linked to the theater, talks and outings to the theater and every year a new play is chosen to perform. 

Our Customers

Companies that have
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us to improve your communication.

Crowd ofcompanies, universities, schools and teachers divers already han trust us to improve their communication. 

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Good leadership is good communication

If you think you can improve your communication, or that of your company, this is the place for you.
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Be convincing through voice and body. Communication in the classroom (and digital)

A teacher's communication depends on knowing how to control and master the classroom. Due to the situation we have experienced as a result of the pandemic, not only will the ...
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