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The 4 keys to being a good leader

After eight training sessions talking about how to be a good leader with top teachers in education, communication, politicians and economists, I have an idea of the 4 main characteristics that a leader must have. and a little trick:

  1. Have a project: he must have thought of the idea or project before the rest of the people in the environment. You need to take a good time to think and write down the business idea or association you have in mind and shape it.
  2. To listen: one of the main characteristics of leadership is the willingness to listen to all the people who are part of the project. Talk to everyone and spend some time listening sincerely. Looking at the interlocutors and asking questions to find out more.
  3. To communicate: it must have a positive, empathetic communication that can adapt to different contexts, but above all it must convey its message to the whole public.
  4. Be consistent: the message being conveyed must be accompanied by facts and details. Consider what communicates how to dress or how to move and whether it is consistent with the message being conveyed.

Finally, a little trick that all leaders should keep in mind is:

Always be there: you need to be present at all times in the process, when things are working and when they are not. All responsibilities must be assumed. Be the first to arrive and the last to leave.

All experts have agreed on these characteristics. It is time to consider how we are doing in the day to day of our projects and whether we can improve

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