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Improve your personal brand

It can often happen to us that we want to express our feelings, an opinion, an image of how we really are, but we have the feeling that we are not perceived as we want to be.

This is due to a lack of any of the elements that are part of our communication (verbal and non-verbal), such as voice projection, gesturing or mastery of our body, among others.

We need to think about what our personal brand is like, how the people we talk to receive us. Personal image is based on communication and it is very good to do a reflection exercise to think about how we do it to communicate.

We must examine ourselves thinking of the following points:

  • What personal image do we convey?
  • How do I have the voice as I speak?
  • Where do I look when speaking?
  • How do I listen to the people who are talking to me?

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