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The voice, a marvel

The voice, one of the key instruments of the body that accompanies us in our daily lives and the best tool to communicate, is today the protagonist of this post.

At the height of the larynx we have, among others, two vocal folds that, thanks to our lung puff and muscular involvement, come together and separate. Originally these had a sphincter function, but as they approached their membranes we discovered that they could vibrate and produce a sound. This is modeled and amplified. This generates the voice: a marvel that we discovered when we were aware that this phonatory device could emit sound.

As we said before, this sound is emitted and amplified thanks to our resonators, the ones that are especially dedicated to it are the nasal and paranasal sinuses, but there are also others. Want to find out what they are? Very easy, it emits a long "m" and with the palm of your hand you feel different parts of the body, if you notice a vibration, that point is acting as a sounding board and if not, no. You will notice that we have a few. Vowels and sound consonants are the ones that can produce this acoustic vibration in the body. And these are created to model sound, made by the action of the mouth, tongue and lips.

The voice is something unique, personal and inimitable of each person. It is our seal. It is important to take care of it, as it is a very valuable tool for our communication.

The voice, a marvel.

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