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The soft skills that companies demand

The latest report on the state of affairs prepared by Infojobs and ESADE leaves some absolutely significant data when asked what skills that look for job applications.


The 14 qualities most valued and sought after by companies are the following:

Ability to work in a team

Ability to resolve conflicts and problems

Ability to make decisions

Adaptability to change

Ability to communicate effectively




Pressure tolerance

Results orientation

Ability to negotiate

Active listening



It is very interesting to note how most are linked to communication and how in all of them communication plays a major role. Teamwork, solving conflicts, communicate effectively, empathy, negotiation, active listening, assertiveness are characteristics of good communication.

The business sector is looking for people who have good communication skills. Is especially values knowing their own communication and how to use and present in front of other people in the company and in front of customers or suppliers.

Each person can become an expert in their own communication. Everyone communicates correctly, what is needed is to get the most out of it. Take advantage of the good ones characteristics of everyone and propose it every day. We think for a moment as we have communicated today.

On the other hand, if you want to read the full report you can find it here.

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