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The century of the people

In 2006 TIME magazine chose you as person of the year. This is a tradition that TIME has been doing since 1927 to select who was the most prominent person of that year according to the magazine's editorial team. And in 2006, at the beginning of the 21st century, he chose that the prominence should be taken by all the people who created, participated in, wrote, recorded, tweeted, took photos, videos, lists, songs and shared them. by the different networks. People who filled the internet with content. The people.

We were clear that the 21st century had to be the century of people, and not only of their relationship through social media but also the century of personal relationships. The century that put the person at the center of economic, political, cultural and social activity. That is why personal management is increasingly needed. The management of communication with the people around us.

If we believe that the s. XXI is the century of people we must begin to listen to those around us. To look at them. We need to be aware of how we communicate with them. We work as a team. We make people take the real role.

Just two key ideas to sum it up:

  • We look into the eyes of the people who speak to us.
  • Let’s listen to them making the effort to understand what they are telling us.

And we smile, that today is a good day!

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